If you want to use my music in a project your working on (e.g. a video, film, YouTube channel, show, remix, etc.), you mostly can. Most of my work is licenced with Creative Commons Attribution V4 (with the exception of Dissatisfied and Fallen, stated at 27-12-2017). You can find the details about this licence here: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/ The licence basically allows you to make a profit of the music if you give proper credit as described in the link above. I actually encourage you to use my music, I like that! :) If you want to support me in my music making adventures, there's a few ways. The best way is listen to and share my music. Another good option is to subscribe on all platforms (Spotify, YouTube, Twitter, Soundcloud, Facebook, mailing list). The final, and absolutely not necessary, way is to buy me a cup of coffee through the donate button, so I'm left with more time to focus on making the music. :) You can always get in touch with me, through the contact page. I always respond to emails related to music. :) Sending good vibes and love! :) Jens